The Artist

Painting has occupied the longest continual portion my life and, yes, I believe it’s a gift. Painting determines the way I view the world.

As an intuitive visual artist, I observe and capture visual information and reinterpret it in my creative process.  Within that internal creative space is a capacity to see and interact with the world differently. 

A constant desire to express and produce art is the engine that drives my work. Through working, more nuances and their meaning become apparent to me.  Each time I paint out a form, and then again another, I observe a shift, an internal change in visual language that takes me to a different part in the process. Much is unexpected. There are mistakes and dead-ends, but I am compelled to drive forward and to express on paper. I believe that working in this way keeps my work in the present. 

I have traveled enough to recognize that I connect through patterns, nature, cultural expression, rituals and beliefs that resonate with me in different countries and through different peoples. I process what I observe organically by recording copious detail. I love detail and aim to capture it as it surfaces from within me rather than outwardly. To interpret what I see, I am led through random choices by what feels right to reach perception and understanding.

Growing up in India had a huge influence in giving me an emotional language that was both decorative and colourful. Indian art was a rich influence on my childish imagination, and I have reaped its treasures throughout my life.  Although my Indian home life was Spartan, my parents took a keen interest in Indian mythology and culture by collecting carpets and doing botanical study. This fed my fertile imagination at the time, and I feel as if I have just built and elaborated on those early lessons in observation ever since. Observe life, nature, its structures, the universe, people, cultures, history, aspirations. Observe hope, greatness in all things, colours and influences.

The great gift of living in Iran was exposure to a refinement in design and a much subtler cultural interpretation of the visual world. I began to actively wonder and think as well as feel.

Years spent living in Bermuda, Jamaica and Canada hugely influenced my love of nature, oceans, exotics of the tropics and the immense vastness of the north.

From childhood, painting has been my unspoken language. I have always been curious about the technical nature of structures, shapes of minerals, evolving chrysalis and colorful plants above, beside and underwater. Everything re-surfaces, incorporates and re-structures; we, too, are organically evolving. This journey, once begun, requires learning on the job.

I think I have learned a little about art by now. Art is a vehicle to another part of self. A painting has to live up to that.