Melanie Francis

About me

Beginning with a childhood spent in India, I see my deep passion for painting so clearly influenced by living extensively in many diverse cultures throughout my life.

As part of a large diaspora of expatriates with a sense of displacement, I navigated this way of life creatively and processed my journey visually.

Artistic expression gave me a voice and I came to find my own language in the ancient and contemplative patterns of sacred geometry and traditional art techniques.

In my work I use jewel-like colours and ancient Islamic methods to express the language of a more internal journey - at once a mysterious and intimate expression, coloring and filling my technique and process with a dream-like quality.

Each piece is a meditation in fine detailing, geometric design and biomorphic pattern garnished with gemstones and gold.

Now an internationally exhibited and awarded artist, I began my studies at Louisiana Technical University and later attended the Princes School of Traditional Art. I am also a qualified gemologist, a skill often required in my work combining painting and precious gems.